Our Team

A group of committed POCUS enthusiasts from across British Columbia coming together to advance our practice locally and beyond.

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Oron Frenkel, MS, MD 
Director, Emergency Point-of-Care Ultrasound
St. Paul's Hospital, Vancouver, BC
Clinical Assistant Professor, University of British Columbia


Chris Eddy

Chris is an ultrasound technologist in Vancouver, BC, and has been based in the field for over 12 years. Beginning in 2007, he noticed a gap in the ultrasound skills of the UBC Radiology residents. He initiated, built and now presents half-day and full-day hands-on ultrasound sessions, and these sessions are tailored towards the experience level and knowledge base of the residents. Courses range from “Introduction to On-Call Ultrasound” for the first year residents to “Advanced Doppler Applications in Liver & Kidney Transplants” for the 5th year residents. Chris was the first non-physician in Canada to be certified by the CEUS ( Canadian Emergency Ultrasound Society) as an Independent Practitioner, which allows him to teach bedside ultrasound skills to Emergency Physicians. He is also on the CEUS Board of Advisors, and co-authored the Emergency Department Echo (EDE) Level-3 – Emergency Third Trimester Obstetrical Procedures course. Most recently, Chris been working with the UBC CPD (Continuing Professional Development ) on some of their ultrasound training courses for physicians – including Obstetrical and Shock. He is also co-author of the Ultrasound Guided Emergency Medicine Procedures (UGEMP) course, which focuses on using ultrasound for bedside interventional procedures.

Tandi Wilkinson, MD

Shane Arishenkoff, MD